Welcome statement by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy
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Welcome statement by Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy, Chairman of the DCH IM Supervisory Board

Dear friends,

Welcome to the DCH site! Here you will find in-depth information on our history, enterprises, projects, policies and operating principles, strategic plans and development prospects.

Today Ukraine is one of the world’s most attractive economies in terms of investment, and it has great potential for development. But the realization of this potential depends on many factors, a sound financial base and management resources being among them.

This is why the DCH team is actively working to attract investment in various sectors and segments, thus making them more competitive economically and internationally.
Not only do we manage a large diversified investment portfolio, but we also create new companies, where innovation technologies are constantly introduced both at the operational level and in the sphere of asset management.

Because the capitalization of DCH companies is always increasing, we gain new resources for profitable investment in projects with high potential. I am sure that visitors to our site will find the information about our initiatives and programmes not only useful, but also interesting.

Chairman of
DCH IM Supervisory Board
Aleksandr Yaroslavskyy